Asia Development Foundation

Kim Joon-il, Chairman of Hanacobi, and the “same-minded” directors founded the Asian Development Fund as a non-profit organization. ADF aims to expand the connection throughout Asia and develop human resources through a series of programs that promote cooperation among countries in the region.

The Asian Development Fund promotes cultural exchanges, cohesion, understanding, and cooperation among countries through a variety of initiatives under the slogan “Great Asia!”


Our Projects

Our Projects

I Exchange Cooperation

– ADF Conference
– Academic Exchange
– Global Korean Camp

I Talent Cultivation

– Gift for Motherland
– Overseas Korean Scholarship
– ADF Dream Scholarship
– ADF Elite Scholarship
– School Of Dream

I Sharing Support

– Russian-Korean Support
– Cambodia Medical Support
– Myanmar Medical support
– Institutional Support

I Public Cultural Project

– Korean Learning contents
– Korean Education Support
– ADF-WT Cares
– Be a Friend of Asia
– DMZ-ADF Project