“Based on my success of Lock & Lock in Korea and Vietnam, I pursue a new leap forward”

Hanacobi was established in 1978 as a kitchenware production and distribution company. For the past 40 years, Hanacobi has gone through difficult times such as IMF crisis.

However, Hanacobi developed itself into an established houseware production and distribution corporation as known as Lock&Lock which is recognized by not only domestically, but also over 120 foreign countries by winning a China’s Brand Power Index(C-BPI) for 8 years row (2012~2019).

In addition, Lock&Lock was selected as a consumer’s TOP 100 Trust and Use Products and Services Vietnam for 8 consecutive years (2012~2019).

In 2017, I sold Lock&Lock to private equity, and started a new challenge by establishing COBI GROUP. Through the name of COBI GROUP, I pursue a new leap forward in Korea and Vietnam First of all, I will discover promising Start-ups and grow them into global companies.

As part of that, I have invested and started support for bio genome company, bioengineering company, and plasma technology company.

Secondly, business in Vietnam will consist of COBI ONE, COBI IN, COBI HOME, COBI LOGIS. These four subsidiaries will be setup two commercial office buildings (COBI TOWERⅠ&Ⅱ); one 17th floors and the other 20th floors, F&B business(COBI BREAD), distribution(COBI HORECA), a 52,000m² shopping mall for interior materials and furniture(COBI HOME), and a 99,758m² Logistics Center(COBI LOGIS Ⅰ&Ⅱ). 
Furthermore, I would like to contribute to improving the quality of life for the people of Vietnam by promoting positive changes throughout Vietnam’s living environment.
Finally, I do not intend on establishing a company that solely focuses on profit, but an exemplary one that contributes to new job creation and future talent development. I aim to become a role model for future businesses by improving the standard of living in Vietnam. 
In addition, I have donated 50 million dollars towards Asia Development Foundation (ADF) for social rehabilitation activities including scholarship projects, medical support, and support for multicultural families in Asia.

My experience and confidence from developing Lock&Lock as a global brand and trust I have built in China and Vietnam will surely lead COBI GROUP to be a global corporation.

Thank you