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COBI TOWER is equipped with the facilities in Vietnam

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Location CBD

  • Located in the central core of Phu My Hung new urban area closed to many commercial & office buildings, malls, international schools, exhibition centers.
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Grade A

  • Green Low-E & Terracotta facade
  • Air sterilization system
  • High ceiling | Solar energy
  • Raised access flooring
  • Convenient location
  • 24/7 security | Efficient floor layout
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Storeys 20&17

  • High ceiling for comfort indoor environment with natural light beautiful decoration.
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10 Schindler lifts
9 Schindler's smart control passenger lifts and 1 service lift - capacity 2,000 kgs.

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Premium office ceiling
2.7m clear ceiling height from raised floor with premium Armstrong acoustic ceiling

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Plasma air sterilization
Plasma sterilizes more than 99.9% of four major airborne pathogenic bacteria and corona virus.

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Between two towers
Cobi Tower 1 and 2 are connected by 2 sky bridges in podium for easy commercial and retail services.

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Energy efficiency
Plasma sterilizes more than 99.9% of four major airborne pathogenic bacteria and corona virus.

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Driver's lounge
Ensures a comfortable resting environment for drivers.

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24/7 CCTV Security
24 hours 7days CCTV security system inside and outside the building.

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Large parking lot
Basement of total of 10,533m2 allows a great number of vehicles parking lots.

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Located at the center of district 7 opposite to SECC

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- 5 min > Travel around district 7
- 7 km > District 1 (Phu My Hung stn opened in 2022)
- 15 km > Tan Son Nhat airport

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Only 5 min walk to:
- Vietcombank
- Agribank
- Vietinbank
- Dong-A Bank

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The largest exhibition center in HCMC, which held hundreds of concerts & exhibitions every year.

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International School
About 10 min walk to4 international schools: Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Canada. 1 upcoming school by Microsoft

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COBI TOWER is going to be a promising destination that meets up all needs

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A OFFICES (20.860m²)

  • Co-working Spaces / Start-ups
  • IT/Trade / Logistics / Retail
  • Banks / Financial Enterprises
  • Foreign Companies / Law Firms
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MALL (9.837 m²)

This place will satisfy customers' shopping needs and make the local trade market more vibrant.

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Trustworthy and qualified language centers and professional academies will help to Vietnamese develop an international mindset.

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The 3rd floor of COBI TOWER I will host a famous general examination center, hospitals and clinics to meet the needs of health care.

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It will meet the changing tastes of Vietnamese consumers with rapid economic growth and catch up with new demands arising from a variable dining culture.

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  • YOUTH Street - Stores introduced as distinctive famous restaurants
  • OUTDOOR Stage - Promotes visitors with regular performances
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The first-in-town terrace café at outdoor in 4F of Towerll is an amazing place to relax with lots of open space and fresh air.

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