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Asia Development Foundation

The Asian Development Foundation is a non-profit organization established by Kim Jun-il, Chairman of Hanacobi, and other like-minded directors. By various programs that promote mutual understanding and cooperation among Asian countries, ADF aims to expand exchanges with Asian countries and foster human resources.

Asia Development Foundation aims to cultivate talent and exchange among the Asian countries with a variety of programs devised to promote mutual understanding and cooperation between the countries under the banner "Great Asia!"




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Exchange cooperation

- ADF Conference
- Academic Exchange
- Global Korean Camp

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Talent Cultivation

- Gift for Motherland
- Overseas Korean Scholarship
- ADF Dream Scholarship
- ADF Elite Scholarship
- School Of Dream

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Sharing Support

- Russian-Korean Support
- Cambodia Medical Support
- Myanmar Medical support
- Institutional Support

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Public Cultural Project

- Korean Learning contents
- Korean Education Support
- ADF-WT Cares
- Be a Friend of Asia
- DMZ-ADF Project

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Korea Culture Foundation

Korea Culture Foundation is a non-profit public interest corporation established on April 23, 2021 to globalize Korean culture and enhance the national brand value.However, the rapid growth of humanity has begun to create many problems due to the unbalanced growth speed of mental civilization, something that had flourished in the past.

In order to create a cultural and mental abundance that fits the material abundance of this era, we hope to expand the cultural and spiritual values of Korea that comes about from focusing on ‘we’ rather than ‘you’ or ‘I’ to our neighbors, other countries, and humanity.




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